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Enabling a fully future-ready home

In Lambton Shores, Ontario, our team was called upon to design and install an integrated solar and battery storage system for reliable, renewable home power. Continue reading below.

Lambton Shores Project
Maintaining curb appeal on a waterfront home
A customer residence with installed solar modules.

Kilowatt hours (kWh)

An average electric vehicle (EV) consumes 2,000-4,000 kWh of energy annually. With two EVs on the way, our customer will soon be driving on renewable solar power from the new system.


Energy coverage

Designed to deliver more power than our customer’s average annual energy consumption, the system will generate excess energy to charge their battery storage system and EVs.


kWh Battery storage

Modern battery storage systems offer a clean alternative to backup generators, and the technology installed in this home will be recharged with power from the sun!

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The system meets the energy needs of our customers while at the same time delivering access to backup power when the grid is down.

This system incorporates a hybrid solar inverter and a Lithium-Ion battery storage system to power appliances and critical loads during an outage. The battery technology includes smart features that allow for “Peak-Shaving” and “Storm-Ready” functionality.

Peak-Shaving mode allows homeowners to maximize savings with time-of-use pricing. Innovative Storm-Ready features track incoming storms and keep the battery fully charged in preparation for anticipated outages from the power grid.

Earning credit on residential solar with Net Metering

When residential solar energy systems generate more power than our customer requires, surplus electricity can be sent to the power grid for credit. Continue reading below.

Generating maximum power on a small rooftop

In 2023, our in-house design and engineering team was presented with a challenge regarding this home in London, Ontario, with limited rooftop space. Continue reading below.

Maintaining curb appeal on a waterfront home

In Tilbury, Ontario, Aecon Green Energy Solutions installed 33 solar panels with a connected EV charger on a waterfront home. Continue reading below.

Powering a large, rural property with Solar

Residential solar systems are like the houses they power; they come in all shapes and sizes. Continue reading below.

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