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Safely balancing electrical demand between EV Charging and major appliances

Installing a Level 2 charging station at home is an easy way to ensure you wake up to a fully charged electric vehicle every day. Continue reading below.

Electrifying a North American service fleet
An Electric Vehicle is being charged by an EV charger inside a home garage
An Aecon Green Energy Solutions installer inspects the customer's electrical panel.

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Maximum load

We are committed to safety and will not install a system that strains the home’s electrical panel beyond 90 per cent of its capacity, or maximum load, which is lower than the industry standard.


-Amp power management

Based on our experience, the majority of homes with a 100-amp electrical panel will require a load management device.

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An important first step, however, is to confirm your electrical panel can safely handle the extra load of an EV charger.

Before every installation our team conducts testing to determine the load when all major electric appliances are running in addition to charging an electric or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. For this home installation, our test showed a load well beyond the recommended 80 to 90 per cent threshold that we are committed to maintaining.

In order to proceed with a safe solution, our team proposed to install a load management device (in this instance a “black box”). This smart device monitors the power usage of a home, allowing the EV charger to operate only when there is sufficient capacity to do so without overloading the electrical panel, and automatically stopping the EV charger if capacity becomes insufficient – for example, when other high load demand equipment in the home requires electricity, such as a heat pump, a hot tub, or an air conditioning unit.

“The installers were first rate. They installed the black box and wiring just as they said they would in their quote. No extra charges and no damage to my finished basement. They left the work area clean and tidy. I am very pleased with my new level 2 EV charger.”

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions through EV Charging infrastructure

In May 2023, our team visited the home of Aecon’s Vice President of Sustainability, Prabh K. Banga, to install an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station in Oakville, Ontario. Continue reading below.

Using smart network technology to support the electrification of “last mile delivery”

In Mississauga, Ontario, our team was recently onsite building the EV charging infrastructure (Level 2 and Level 3 chargers) to power a fleet of electric step vans. Continue reading below.

Maintaining curb appeal on a waterfront home

In Tilbury, Ontario, Aecon Green Energy Solutions installed 33 solar panels with a connected EV charger on a waterfront home. Continue reading below.

Electrifying a North American service fleet

In Burlington, Ontario and Trois-Rivières, Québec, we teamed up with PowerON to deliver the design, engineering, project management, and installation for the first phase of a comprehensive fleet electrification program. Continue reading below.

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