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Installing Tesla Powerwalls for Reliable Backup Energy

  • Battery Storage

On the shores of Lake Erie in Port Rowan, Ontario, Aecon Green Energy Solutions was contracted by MPower Energy Solutions to install two Tesla Powerwalls and a Tesla Backup Gateway in a residential garage. Continue reading below.



To provide enough power to keep our customer’s home running during an outage, we designed and installed a battery energy storage system including two Tesla Powerwalls.


Management panel

The system includes a Tesla Backup Gateway panel, which automatically detects outages, transitions the home to backup power, and allows homeowners to run batteries in “Peak-Shaving” mode to reduce electricity costs.


Kilowatt hours

With the combined power of two batteries, the battery energy storage system (BESS) delivers 27 kWh of energy backup.

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The comprehensive system was designed and installed to provide the homeowner with reliable backup energy during power outages. The Backup Gateway automatically detects outages and ensures a seamless transition to stored battery energy.

Installation was completed in just one day, including grid disconnection and reconnection by the local distribution company and final inspection by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA). Following installation, the team helped set up the Tesla mobile app for our customer and ensured it was connected to the homeowner’s batteries so that they could view real-time data on the status of their new battery storage system.

Adapting basement battery storage systems for added fire safety

In Middleton, Ontario, the Aecon Green Energy Solutions team was called on by MPower Energy Solutions to install two Tesla Powerwalls for a homeowner looking to secure a backup energy source to keep the lights on in the event of a power outage. Continue reading below.

Enabling a fully future-ready home

In Lambton Shores, Ontario, our team was called upon to design and install an integrated solar and battery storage system for reliable, renewable home power. Continue reading below.

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