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Upgrading a commercial space for up to 5X more energy efficiency

In Delaware, Ontario, the Aecon Green Energy Solutions team was called upon to support the renovation of a large commercial building with a renewable geothermal system for heating and cooling. Continue reading below.



This system’s advanced ground-source heat pump equipment generates 7 kW of thermal energy for every 1 kW of electricity used to power the heat pump.


Feet of geothermal piping

We installed more than 10,000 feet of horizontal-loop piping as part of the underground system to deliver the geothermal energy required to heat and cool the large commercial building.


Feet of in-floor heating tubing

Our team installed over 10,000 feet of PEX tubing to heat the large commercial space as part of the geothermal radiant in-floor water-to-water heating system.

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The space would primarily be used for equipment and machinery, as well as an office.

To maximize energy efficiency for heating and cooling this type of space, our team incorporated two key technical elements in the system design. First, we leveraged high-quality ground-source heat pump technology, which delivers 700 per cent efficiency. This efficiency rating means that for every kilowatt (kW) of electricity used to run the geothermal heat pump, 7kWs of heat energy is pulled from below the earth’s surface to heat the building.

Next, we installed in-floor heating – specifically a geothermal radiant water-to-water heating system – throughout the entire building. Commercial buildings often have high ceilings; in this case, the ceiling height was over 20 feet. In-floor heating keeps heat between the floor and eye level, meaning most of the heat generated by the system is always within a usable space.

This approach leads to higher efficiency than a forced-air or ductwork heating system, which is impacted by warm air rising. Commercial or industrial buildings with high ceilings often need to overcompensate for this heat loss rising out of the level where people are working. Installing in-floor heating throughout the large building enables the system to produce the exact amount of heating required within the working space so that our customer can benefit from increased energy efficiency and significant cost savings in the long term.

Bringing Geothermal Energy to more than 70 Homes

In Barrie, Ontario, Sean Mason homes signed up for Enbridge Sustain’s end to end energy solutioning (including design, installation, financing and maintenance) to offer geothermal to its customers in a new development. Enbridge Sustain called upon Aecon Green Energy Solutions to leverage its unique mobile drilling solution to deliver an effective geothermal energy installation in this neighbourhood development.

Delivering a complex geothermal system to support Kingston’s historic Grain Elevator Pier

In Kingston’s Cataraqui Bay, Enbridge Sustain enrolled the Aecon Green Energy Solutions team in delivering a geothermal heating and cooling system to provide energy-efficient, year-round comfort for two new condominium towers. Continue reading below.

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