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Why choose Aecon?

Your partner for turnkey installation, operations, and maintenance

We support our utility partners throughout the lifecycle of project or long-term program delivery. From scope and design through to warranty management and servicing far down the road, we’re focused on helping our clients transition to cleaner, more cost-effective energy systems with confidence.

Trusted delivery in the utility sector

For decades, Aecon has worked with major providers in North America’s utility sector to build the infrastructure that connects and powers homes and businesses. Today, we leverage our robust operating practices and safety standards to support our long-standing partners to ensure their clean energy projects and programs are delivered with a focus on schedule and budget.

Single source provider

We deliver standalone and fully integrated installation solutions for solar, EV charging, heating and cooling, and battery storage to help your operations or your customers Go Green faster and more efficiently.

Seamless solutions

We have the knowledge, resources, and experienced networks required to deliver end-to-end solutions for residential applications in homes, multi-unit residential buildings, and townhome communities, as well as commercial applications for offices, industrial spaces, retail facilities, and electric fleets.

Dedicated Green expertise

Renewable and low- or zero-carbon technologies require specific technical and operational expertise. Our in-house design specialists and technicians engineer and install effective, reliable systems to help our partners reach their energy transition goals.

  • EV Charging

EV Charging

We deliver EV charging infrastructure for residential, commercial, and public settings, including fleet electrification solutions for vehicles dispatched from central hubs or directly from technician homes. We work together with industry partners like Ivy Home Charging and PowerON Energy Solutions. We manage the end-to-end installation process, including warranties and maintenance, and analytics and reporting to manage your charging networks efficiently. Our solutions can be tailored to your specific needs, including:

  • Convenient and effective onsite charging for homes and businesses
  • Point of Sale (POS) charging programs to help you maximize value from this growing market
  • Fleet electrification, including secure charging networks and residential programs
  • Heating and Cooling

Heating & Cooling

Drawing on our decades of heating and cooling experience, comprehensive suite of services, and Aecon’s in-house, commercial-scale geothermal capabilities, we work together with utility providers to bring projects and programs from the design stage through to the thermostat on the wall. Our solutions for residential homes and buildings or commercial facilities include:

  • Hybrid heating systems that pair efficient air-source heat pumps with backup heating sources to optimize costs and energy savings
  • Geothermal energy systems that provide reliable year-round comfort at up to five times greater efficiency than traditional furnaces or AC units
  • Long-term operations and maintenance options to bring peace of mind as your business or customers transition to renewable heating and cooling technology
  • Solar


Renewable energy is becoming increasingly more relevant to homeowners interested in doing their part to mitigate climate change, developers looking to add value for their customers, and organizations seeking out businesses to help decarbonize their supply chain. We deliver household solar programs and commercial solar projects beyond industry standards, leveraging the same rigorous Safety program that Aecon applies to our largest-scale projects. When you partner with us to go solar, you can expect:

  • Several benefits to your business in the form of lower operating costs and reduced emissions
  • Long-term support from Aecon as a turnkey installation, operations, and maintenance provider
  • A partner you can depend on to help you make the most of the energy transition market
  • Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Protect your business and customer base from fluctuating electricity prices and the frustrating uncertainty of outages. We provide tailored battery energy storage systems (BESS) that ensure uninterrupted power for residential homes or buildings, as well as commercial facilities. Our systems can be combined with renewable energy to maximize your sustainable power supply and optimize your fleet electrification program. With battery storage, you can enable your business and customers to:

  • Charge when rates are low (off-peak hours) and reduce monthly electricity costs
  • Automatically detect outages and deliver reliable backup power
  • Add value for your clients and the environment by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Battery Storage

Installing Tesla Powerwalls for Reliable Backup Energy

On the shores of Lake Erie in Port Rowan, Ontario, Aecon Green Energy Solutions was contracted by MPower Energy Solutions to install two Tesla Powerwalls and a Tesla Backup Gateway in a residential garage. Continue reading below.

Commercial Solutions

We are a trusted partner delivering scalable solutions to reduce carbon emissions



End-to-end solutions to help your business reduce carbon emissions.



Green energy to power, heat, and cool buildings and developments.

Cities & Municipalites

Cities & Municipalities

Reliable contractor to support your community in reaching a net-zero future.

Utility Partners

Utility Partners

Working together to help your business and your customers become more energy efficient.